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The Vintage Grooming Company


95 out of 100



  • All Natural & Organic
  • Hand Crafted
  • Affordable
  • Made In The USA
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Somewhat Limited Product Selection


The Vintage Grooming Company

The Vintage Grooming Company was founded in 2014 by a US Army veteran and his wife who both had a passion to craft quality men’s care products with simple all-natural ingredients. They were able to easily combine her passion to create handcrafted products and his love for business into a small startup company in Colorado Springs.

The Original brand was known as The Vintage Beard Company, and it consisted of only a few beard oils and a small website. After a year had passed, they quickly learned their bearded customers wanted the convenience of being able to get all of their soaps, pomades, balms, and other grooming supplies all from one source without having to shop around at multiple stores.

In 2016 the company was renamed to Vintage Grooming and the product line was expanded to offer hair and shaving supplies along with a new series of men’s grooming blogs and educational videos. The Vintage Grooming Company’s product line is a well-rounded assortment of things like beard oils, straight razors, all-natural shave soaps, beard brushes and combs, moustache wax, shave oils and more.

One of The Vintage Grooming Company’s more popular products is their Barbers Choice Beard Oil. What makes this oil stand out from their other beard oils is that they infused it with extra Vitamin E to help provide more skin and hair nourishing benefits.

This beard oil is kind of like a natural leave-in conditioner that keeps your beard soft, tame, and healthy with no greasy residue. The all-natural plant-based ingredients they use are known to organically carry many vitamins, proteins, minerals, and nutrients that are great for both skin and hair, and are also known to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help clean and soothe.

Here’s A Short Video On How To Apply Beard Oil

This beard oil is great for both hair and skin and you can use it as:

♠ A Beard Conditioner

♠ Hair Oil

♠ Aftershave To Soothe Skin Irritation

♠ Dry Skin

The Vintage Grooming Company doesn’t dilute any of their products with water, so a little goes a long way, and all of their products are guaranteed all-natural.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Use All-Natural And Organic Ingredients?

The entire product line that they manufacture is mostly derived from All-Natural plant-based ingredients. A few other natural ingredients that are not plant-based that they use are Bees Wax and Lanolin (the oil from sheep wool).

The Vintage Grooming Company strives to always order Organic Certified ingredients when available from their distributors. You can rest assured though that they do not use any harmful chemicals, fragrance oils, and they don’t dilute with water.

  • Will Your Beard Oil Leave My Beard Or Face Greasy?

The Vintage Grooming Company uses natural plant-based ingredients that help mimic the natural oils of your hair and skin, allowing the oil to soak in naturally leaving your skin and hair both healthy and fresh with a non-greasy shine. Their concentrated oils are not diluted with water or other harmful chemicals and they guarantee that a little will go a long way. The average size beard can get around 1 month of use with a 1-ounce bottle of oil.

  • What Is The Difference Between Shaving Soap And Oil?

Shaving Soap typically comes in a round puck form and requires that you lather the soap with a brush, or your hands before applying to the face before shaving. The benefits to using a good shave soap as opposed to canned cream is that your puck will last longer, provide a smoother glide, and a healthier feel to your skin and facial hair.

Shaving Oil is a clear and a non-greasy all-natural oil that you can use prior to, during, or after a shave. While it has many of the same benefits as shaving soap, you can also soften the hairs prior to shaving or use it as a clear shaving aid instead of soap or cream to see what you are doing to achieve a smooth glide.

Final Thoughts

The Vintage Grooming Company is a veteran and family-owned business run by people who care about quality and customer satisfaction, and when a business is run by people who care, it’s a winner in our opinion.

The Vintage Grooming Company not only handcrafts some of the finest beard oils available but also offers a well-rounded inventory of all-natural soaps, shave oils, beard balms, straight razors, brushes and combs and more.

All of The Vintage Grooming Company’s high-quality products are made in the USA, so whether it’s their Barbers Choice Beard Oil or any one of their other beard and hair care products you might be interested in, the Vintage Grooming Company is definitely worth checking out!

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