The History Of Argyle Socks – Iconic Fashion Items

The History Of Argyle Socks And How These Iconic Fashion Items Have Made A Comeback


What Are Argyle Socks And Why Are They So Popular?

argyle socks

Argyle is a type of pattern that typically has a diamond shape and is most often used in socks.

Argyle socks have been popular for decades and have been worn by many famous people including athletes, celebrities, and even presidents. Argyles are also popular because they can be worn with almost any outfit and they look great with anything from jeans to shorts to skirts. to dresses.

They can be worn as part of a uniform or with a tuxedo. Argyles are typically made from different materials including wool, cotton, and nylon.

Argyles From Scotland To The US And Back Again

The Argyle style originated in Scotland. The tartan patterns were originally worn to distinguish the clan from other clans. It was then adopted by the English military and aristocracy, who saw it as a status symbol.

By the late 18th century, the style had spread throughout Europe, and by the 19th century it had reached America. The argyle pattern has been worn by both men and women for centuries – but in different ways. At one point, it was mainly men that wore argyles; now women are wearing them too! In the early 20th century, women began wearing knee-length Argyle socks designed to be worn with smart shoes. It became a fashion trademark of the time and was adopted by the United States military during World War II.

Argyles In Fashion Over Time & Todays Trending Styles

Argyle has been a part of the fashion business for more than a century and is one of the most well-known and well-liked brands in the world. Although Scottish kilts were where the design originally appeared, it wasn’t until 1820 that it was recognized as an argyle pattern.

Argyles are not only worn by people in Scotland but are also used as a fashion statement all over the world. In fact, they were just recently seen on Kim Kardashian at a recent Grammy Awards! The Argyle trend started in the 17th century in Scotland and soon spread to England. It was mainly used as an ornament for women’s arms and feet, though it could be found on men’s boots and hosiery as well.

Due to its historical association with kilts, argyles have come to represent Scottish culture. The pattern was known as “argyle,” and it resembles the design found on Scottish tartans. It is also one of the designs that are most easily recognized worldwide! Sadly, not everyone appreciates this pattern!

Final Thoughts: How Argyle Socks Are Making A Comeback

The history of argyle socks is an interesting one and it’s been a while since they’ve seen the light of day. But now, they are making a comeback.

Argyle socks are a type of sock that has diamond-shaped patterns on them. They were first made in Scotland and they became popular in America after President Kennedy wore them in 1961. It was only after that, that the trend really took off and it became fashionable for men to wear these patterned socks with their suits or casual clothes.

But then, the trend died down as people started to look for more fashionable items to wear with their suits or casual clothes such as loafers or sneakers. And so, Argyles started to disappear from the fashion world. Today, however, Argyle Socks are making a comeback, these over-the-calf socks remain a fashion statement, especially on places like the golf course.

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