T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron Review – Manage Difficult Hair

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron


90 out of 100



  • Straightens Hair Quickly And Easily
  • Five Adjustable Heat Settings (260°F – 410°F)
  • Large 1.5 Inch Plates
  • Internal Microchip Brain
  • 50% More Power


  • Might Be A Little Pricey For Some


T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron

If you have Long, Thick or Course hair the T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron might be what you’re looking for. The T3 Single Pass X is a wider and more powerful straightening iron designed to alleviate stubborn and unruly locks. Single Pass digital technology combined with the 1.5″ T3 Tourmaline and ceramic plates can easily tame any kind of problem hair.

The T3 Single Pass features a state-of-the-art Audio/Visual Interface and Advanced Digital Heating System that maintains consistent heat while being able to straighten in a single pass. A microchip brain constantly measures and adjusts the temperature of the plates.

Product Features

♥ T3 Single Pass Technology

♥ T3 Tourmaline + Ceramic Plates

♥ 1.5″ Wide Plates

♥ 5 Adjustable Heat Settings

♥ Intuitive Audio/Visual Interface

♥ Heat-Resistant Mat

♥ Ergonomic & Lightweight

♥ 9 ft, 360° Swivel Cord

Best For

• Demanding Hair ( Long, Thick or Course )

• For Those Who Prefer Straightening Power & Speed Over Styling Versatility

Select the desired heat. The temperature lights and T3 logo will turn solid when the iron is ready to use and you will hear a long tone. For fast, flawless straightening from roots to ends, divide hair into two sections. Work with very thin, wide sections of hair that are the same thickness as the iron’s plate and as wide as the length of the plate. Glide iron down each section with a slow and steady pace for best results.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Tourmaline And What Are The Benefits?

Tourmaline is known as the “electric stone” because, when heated, it emits negative ions and healthy infrared heat. Negative ions reduce static and seal the cuticle which, in turn, helps to diminish frizz, smooth locks and enhance shine.

  • Can I Use The T3 When I’m Away From Home?

Yes, as long as you have the proper adapter.

  • Does This Product Have An Automatic Shut-Off?

Yes, the product will shut off after one hour.

Final Thoughts

While the T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron tends to be a little on the pricey side, it works extremely well on difficult and demanding hair, long, thick or course. The T3 Single Pass heats up quickly and doesn’t pull or damage hair, it quite simply gets the job done and even comes with 2 ultra-strong sectioning clips which are ideal for styling hard to manage hair.



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