Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition Review

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition


90 out of 100



  • Long Run Time
  • Wet & Dry Capability
  • Extremely Fast Shave Time
  • Easy To Clean
  • Anti-Slip Grip


  • A Little Noisy


Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition

Wet shaving for many men is the Holy Grail of shaving methods and for good reason, you get an extremely close shave but it takes time, sometimes as many as 3 passes across the face to achieve the desired smoothness. But what if time is an issue and you just don’t have it, then the answer just might be the electric shaver.

Choice of electric shaver is mostly a personal one, but rotary shavers tend to work best on thick, fast-growing course beards.

The Philips Norelco S8950/90 Electric Shaver is the best choice for dealing with tough, stubborn whiskers, each shaving head moves in 8 directions allowing the shaver to cut up to 20% more hair. The Special Wet & Dry Electric Edition with aquatech technology allows you to enjoy a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave using gel or foam.

The Wet & Dry electric shaver system cuts hairs up to 30% closer to the skin, and the smart clean system allows for easy maintenance.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition Features

♦ V-Track Precision Blades cuts hairs up to 30% closer

♦ Contour Detect Technology cuts up to 20 percent more hair

♦ Click-on Beard Styler with 5 length settings

♦ Interface with 3 level battery indicator and travel lock

♦ Charges fully in one hour

♦ Built to last, the shaver comes with a full 2-year warranty

♦ SmartClean cleans, lubricates, dries and charges your shaver

What’s In The Box?

  • Wet And Dry Electric Shaver With SmartClean System
  • Aquatec Wet And Dry V-Track Precision Blades
  • Contour Detect Technology
  • SmartClick Beard Styler

Contour Detect Technology And V-Track Precision Blades

With the unique Contour Detect Technology, each shaving head independently moves in 8 directions to follow the curves of your face. The contouring system helps cut up to 20 percent more hair in a single pass. The V-Track Precision Blades collect hair in the optimal cutting position, resulting in a more comfortable shave that’s 30 percent closer to the skin. The blades also self-sharpen to ensure a premium wet or dry shave day after day.

Smart Click Beard Styler

5 built-in length settings for trimming stubble to a short beard. Rounded tips and comb are designed to prevent skin irritation.

LED Display

The LED display shows when the battery is low, when you need a new shaving head and when the travel lock is on. Travel lock prevents the product from turning on by accident.

SmartClean System – Cleans And Chargers The Shaver

Maintaining the quality of your shaver is important and now you can do that at the touch of a button, the SmartClean system keeps your shaver like new every day. With an alcohol-free, skin-friendly formula, the SmartClean system cleans hair, foam, and gel through a unique dual-filtration system. The system also lubricates the shaver’s blades to reduce friction and keep your shaver in top condition. After each cycle, the SmartClean system also charges the shaver so it’s always ready to go.

– Battery Type: Lithium-ion
– Run-time: 60 min
– Automatic voltage: 100-240 V
– Stand-by power: 0.15 W
– Max power consumption: 5.4 W

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Replacement Head Should I Use?

Shaver series 9000 shaving head model SH90

  • Does This Shaver Come With A Sideburn Trimmer?

Yes, there is a separate trimmer that can be swapped with the rotary blades.

  • Can You Use Shaving Cream Or Gel With This Shaver?

Yes, this shaver can be used wet or dry.

Final Thoughts

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition offers a close comfortable shave even if you struggle with thick, stubborn hair and gets the job done at a very reasonable price. With each shaving head moving independently in 8 directions that follow the curves of your face, this shaver cuts up to 20% more hair in a single pass.

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition offers a lot of value for very little money and outperforms all previous generations and is definitely worth a try.

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