Naked Armor Brazilian Sandalwood Wet Shaving Kit Review

Naked Armor Brazilian Sandalwood Wet Shaving Kit


95 out of 100



  • Brazilian Sandalwood Razor
  • Badger Friendly Wood Carved Brush
  • All-Natural Shave Soap
  • Durable Stainless Steel Heads
  • Great Looking Gift Box


  • No Stand For The Brush

Naked Armor Brazilian Sandalwood Wet Shaving Kit

Naked Armor was created in the wake of the Dollar Shave Club and the cheapening of the shaving experience. Naked Armor is taking back our right to use well-made shaving instruments and getting back to creating a great shaving experience and a great look.

Shaving the old way with what can only be described as a razor stuck to a plastic spoon is, well, it’s a shame really. Plastic disposable razors are nasty and plain old bad for you and the environment. So what’s wrong them?

• Too Light – The plastic has no weight on the handle, so nothing to hold onto.

• Plastic – You’re holding nothing more than a plastic spoon.

• Balance – You can’t shave with precision, no counterbalance.

• Won’t Last – It’s disposable so costs more in the long run.

• Winds Up In The Trash – Which means it’s not good for the environment.

Shaving is something we should look forward to every day, not just something we have to do, that’s why investing in a wood razor that is perfectly balanced like the one you get with Naked Armor Brazilian Sandalwood Wet Shaving Kit will help you change the way you think about shaving.

Now, it’s not only about the razor, using a high-quality shaving soap can also help enhance your wet shave experience. A good soap will help make your skin softer and leave it feeling hydrated. Even though shave creams are widely used today, other experienced wet shave pros will always come back to the traditional way of wet shaving which is using a shave soap.

A quality shave soap allows you to build a lather with the same consistency of a shave cream.

Advantages Of Using Shave Soap

🙂 Contains a high level of fat and glycerin necessary for skin hydration.

🙂 Acts as an emollient that can penetrate whiskers and consequently soften beards so you get better, smoother results.

🙂 Provides necessary lubrication and protection so the blade can gently glide on your skin’s surface without hurting or irritating it.

Why Sandalwood?

Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world, right after African Blackwood. Both the wood and the oil produce a distinctive fragrance that has been highly valued for centuries. The scent of Sandalwood is believed by some to transform one’s desires and maintain a person’s alertness while in meditation.

While shaving, the aromatic oils released from the wood can help promote mental and physical well being, plastic can’t do that!

What’s Included In The Kit?

This wet shave kit includes everything you need to shave at home or on the road:

• Razor – The Brazilian Sandalwood Razor

• Soap – Handmade Organic Facial Soap That Smells Great

• Brush – Badger Friendly Wood Carved Handle Brush.

• Box – Nice Looking Gift Box.

Final Thoughts

The Naked Armor Brazilian Sandalwood Wet Shaving Kit is a great value and perfect for the first time wet shaver or the experienced veteran. The Sandalwood razor handle really makes this shave kit stand out from the rest, and the all-natural shave soap ensures that your skin stays hydrated and irritation free.

Most shaving brushes are made from real badger hair, but Naked Armor doesn’t feel it is necessary to kill badgers in order to shave, so theirs isn’t, but it is still a high-quality brush that feels just as soft as the real thing.

The Naked Armor Brazilian Sandalwood Wet Shaving Kit is a great kit that you can use at home or on the road, it’s lightweight, with a perfectly balanced handle and a close-shave-technology blade that is definitely worth trying!



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