Kebor Hair Clippers For Men Home Haircutting Set Review

Kebor Hair Clippers For Men Home Haircutting Set


95 out of 100



  • Smooth, Quick, Precise 
  • Corded/Cordless Operation
  • Up To 180 Minute Runtime
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Powerful 8W DC Motor


  • No Storage Pouch


Kebor Hair Clippers For Men Professional Cordless Home Haircutting Set

Kebor might not be a recognized household name but they do make some pretty amazing hair clipper sets for men. The Kebor Hair Clipper Set For Men is a professional grade corded/cordless hair cutting set that comes with a rechargeable 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, stainless steel blade, powerful DC motor, and detachable cord.

This clipper was designed for smooth, quick, and precise clipping performance on all types of hair thanks to the high-quality long-lasting high-carbon enhanced self-sharpening precision stainless steel blades. The powerful 8W heavy-duty motor allows you to cut long, thick hairs with very little effort.

What’s In The Box?

1 – Kebor PC2010 Clipper
1 – Cord With Adapter
4 – Attachment Guards Offering Additional Lengths: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm
1 – Long Comb
1 – Cleaning Brush
1 – Oil For Blade Maintenance
1 – User Manual

Kebor Hair Clipper Set For Men Features

♦ Fast And Precise Clipping With Stainless Steel Blade And Powerful DC Motor

♦ Corded Or Cordless Operation

♦ Built-In Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery That Offers Up Yo 180 Minutes Of Full-Power Output

♦ Four Attachment Combs For Different Hair Lengths: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm.

♦ LED Light To Indicate Working Status And Battery Level, Blue Light Means Battery Has Sufficient Power, Red Light Means Charging Is Needed.

High Speed- Low-Drag

The enhanced self-sharpening precision durable blades are made of premium high-carbon stainless steel, with an 8W Heavy Duty Motor inside, this clipper can cut off any hair fast, easy and efficiently.

2000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

While many traditional standard clippers are still using NiMH batteries, the Kebor clipper has a premium Lithium-Ion battery inside that is capable of holding up to 2000mAh of power, offering up to 180 minutes of operation time after a full charge.

Corded Mode

The Kebor Men’s Clipper is cordless, but you can still connect it to a power supply with the adapter and cable that comes with it, no matter what level of power remains.

Adjustable Taper Lever

The thumb lever on the side is designed for easy blending and customized cutting lengths. There are marks on the body to give you an idea of the length it will give while adjusting.

Ergonomic Design

Kebor’s product designers and hair cutting experts work together and pay close attention to the total user experience. Their work has resulted in an incredibly comfortable experience while ensuring this clipper efficiently finishes the job.

Final Thoughts

The Kebor Hair Clippers For Men Set is a great at home hair cutting tool that is not only a great bargain but gets the job done. This clipper is sleek, ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and provides a comfortable trimming experience, it can be used corded or cordless and features a long 180-minute runtime.

This at-home clipper is easy to use and gives a professional quality cut at a fraction of the cost of similar more expensive clippers and has everything you will need for your next DIY home haircut session. The Kebor Hair Clippers For Men Set is a quality product at a great price and is definitely worth trying.

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    1. I can’t say for sure, we used to have Wahl Clippers and from what I remember they are bigger than Kebor so I would have to say probably not. Some people do mix and match with some success but from what I have seen they will keep falling off.

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