HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish And Plump Peel Review

HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish And Plump Peel


100 out of 100



  • Works Well On Sensitive Skin
  • Free Of Gluten, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates
  • Produces Noticeable Results Right Away
  • Cruelty-Free


  • Might Be A Little Pricey For Some


HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish And Plump Peel


HydroPeptides award-winning home microdermabrasion system which uses Vitamin C Crystals will improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles while instantly illuminating your skin. After just one treatment you will notice smoother, brighter, healthier looking skin without leaving your skin red and irritated and it’s gentle enough to use several times a week.

Vitamin C Crystals

Vitamin C Crystals improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles while instantly illuminating the skin and deliver the benefits of microdermabrasion with zero downtime.

Plumping Peptides – Vitamin C

Continue your skin transformation with this activating gel that will leave skin smoother and youthfully plump.

Product Features

♥ You Will Instantly Enjoy The Benefits Of Gentle MicrodermabrasionAnd A Light Chemical Peel In Just 2 Easy Steps.

♥ Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

♥ Exfoliates to promotes healthy cell renewal.

♥ Brightens hyperpigmentation.

♥ Helps promote healthy collagen.

♥ Enhances treatment delivery.

♥ Improves skin radiance and clarity.

How To Use HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish And Plump Peel

• After cleansing, apply a pea-sized amount of Peel 1 Polishing Crystals on skin and massage crystals gently in upward circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes. Do not scrub.

• Do not remove and apply Peel 2 Plumping Activator over Peel 1 and massage for 2 to 3 more minutes. Foam will appear and skin may feel warm and tingly.

• Do not leave on skin for more than 8 minutes. Rinse and dry.

• For Sensitive Skin: Premix Peel 1 and 2 then apply a thin layer of mixture on skin without massaging and let set for 3 to 5 minutes.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Peptide?

Peptides are tiny protein fragments (or small chains of amino acids) that increase cellular communication within the skin. Various types of peptides exist with a multitude of functions. Peptides help promote natural elements of healthy skin including collagen production (which helps plump the skin), and neuropeptides helps relax repetitive facial muscle contractions (which softens wrinkles). HydroPeptide uses 62 performance-based, medical-grade peptides within their products.

  • Does HydroPeptide Work On All Types Of Skin?

Yes, HydroPeptide has been designed for all skin types, ages, and conditions.

  • Will HydroPeptide Cause Redness Or Irritation?

Of course, you should always consult your dermatologist before starting any new skin care regimen. All HydroPeptide products are dermatologist tested and have undergone extensive research, including a repeat insult patch test (RIPT) which ensures the products are non-irritating. Consumers have not reported any adverse effects from HydroPeptide, however, you should immediately discontinue use if any irritation or redness occurs.

Final Thoughts

While HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish And Plump Peel is a little on the pricey side it does what it claims. You will see a noticeable difference right away and your skin will look and feel smoother, and it’s safe to use on any skin type.

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