Foreo Luna 2 For Men – 3-In-1 Facial Scrub Brush Review

Foreo Luna 2 For Men - 3-In-1 Facial Scrub Brush


90 out of 100



  • 100% Waterproof   
  • No Replacement Brush Heads Needed
  • Silicone Brush Head Is Resistant To Bacteria Buildup
  • 8,000 Pulsations Per Minute
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Might Be A Little Pricey For Some


Foreo Luna 2 For Men – 3-In-1 Facial Scrub Brush

foreo luna 2 for men
Foreo brings a new standard of high-end beauty and well-being solutions to a wider audience than ever before. Foreo is short for “For Every One” and it’s because Foreo strives to create groundbreaking accessible solutions that are sensibly priced for all.

Foreo is a multiple award-winning company and the Foreo Luna 2 For Men – 3-In-1 Facial Scrub Brush is just one of many high-end products that Foreo is well known for. The Luna 2 For Men is an enhanced T-Sonic facial scrub brush and anti-aging system, and now with 2x the power in a newly optimized design, it provides an even more effective cleanse to prep your skin for the smoothest shave ever.

Razor Blades Last 2x Longer

When using the LUNA 2 for MEN T-Sonic face brush before shaving, razor blades retain their sharpness and resist damage, resulting in blades that last up to twice as long, and that could easily be over $100 in savings per year!

Deep Cleanse For The Smoothest Shave Ever

The LUNA 2 for MEN drives away dead skin cells and unclogs pores of 99.5% of dirt and oil to prep your skin for a closer, more comfortable shave and help prevent razor burn.

Advanced Anti-Aging System

Its reverse anti-aging side uses lower-frequency pulsations to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as leaving your skin looking firm and youthful.

LUNA 2 For Men Features

♠ 2x T-Sonic Power

♠ 2nd Generation Brush Head

♠ Superior Shaving

♠ Great Value

How To Use Your Luna 2 For Men

1. Apply Cleanser

Apply your regular cleanser, wet the LUNA 2 for MEN and activate the Cleansing Mode.

2. Cleanse

Move the LUNA 2 for Men’s cleansing surface in a circular motion over your face for 1 minute.

3. Rinse

Rinse and dry your face, shave, if desired, then apply any additional skincare products.

4. Anti-Aging

Activate the LUNA 2 for Men’s Anti-Aging Mode. Press the anti-aging surface onto wrinkle-prone areas for a total of 1 minute.

Men Experienced

97% More Refreshed                       97% Smoother Shave                  91% More Toned Skin

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Clean My Foreo Device?

Wash the brush surfaces with soap and water, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. Foreo recommends spraying the device with FOREO’s Silicone Cleaning Spray and rinsing with warm water afterward for optimal results. Allow your device to air-dry.

  • Will My Charger Work In Different Countries If I Use An Adapter?

The input voltage of Foreo devices starts at 110 V and goes up to 240 V, so you can use it worldwide with the correct adapter.

  • Do I Need To Charge My Foreo Device 24 Hours Before The First Use?

Yes, charge your device before the first use since they may not be fully charged upon arrival.

Final Thoughts

Foreo has certainly made it easy to meet all of your skincare needs and the Foreo Luna 2 For Men T-Sonic 3-In-One Facial Scrub Brush is the only device you’ll need to purify your skin, get a smoother shave, and bring back your skins youthful appearance. All it takes is 2 minutes twice a day to make your skin look smooth, refreshed, and toned. The Foreo Luna 2 For Men is a premium skincare product that is definitely worth trying.


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