ELEMIS Devils Mint Revitalizing Body Scrub Review

ELEMIS Devils Mint Revitalizing Body Scrub


100 out of 100



  • Exfoliates 
  • Smoothes
  • Gentle On Sensitive Skin
  • Light Fresh Scent
  • Effective


  • Might Be A Little Pricey For Some


ELEMIS Devils Mint Revitalizing Body Scrub

ELEMIS is well known for its body and skin care products least of which is the Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub. This scrub is a refreshing peppermint body scrub that contains Devils Apron Seaweed, Peppermint Essential Oil, and silicon-rich Seaplant particles that provide satin soft skin that is more receptive to moisturizer. This body scrub not only gently cleanses and smooths your body, it also removes tired skin cells.

Active Ingredients

Sweet Betty Flower, Devil’s Apron Seaweed, Peppermint Essential Oil

How To Use Your Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub

Apply with a gentle circular motion to damp skin in the bath or shower. Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub is especially effective on problem areas such as feet, knees, and elbows.

Spa Skin Tip

The skin is the largest organ of the body. For the ultimate glowing skin, follow a program of dry daily body brushing or exfoliate weekly to help shed dead skin cells and release toxins. Brush the body in sweeping light upward motions, no need to exert pressure, let the bristles of the brush do the work for you. Concentrate on the hips, thighs, bum, tummy, and backs of arms to speed up the detoxification process.

Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub Features

  • Exfoliates
  • Smoothes
  • Brightens

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does This Have An Overwhelming Scent?

No, this body scrub has a light fresh scent.

  • Is This Good For Sensitive Skin?

Yes, this body scrub contains no big particles that can harm sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

ELEMIS is dedicated to providing the highest quality skin and body care products through advanced formulations that undergo meticulous clinical and consumer testing along with plant-based botanicals that are sourced from all corners of the planet.

Elemis works hard to deliver products that visibly renew and enhance the appearance of your skin, offering truly remarkable results and the Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub is another product that gets the job done. This body scrub is gentle, effective, and will leave your skin feeling baby soft, and will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated, definitely worth trying.

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