Dry Skin – What You Can Do To Soothe It

Dry Skin – What You Can Do To Soothe It


woman in showerIf your skin is tight, flaky, dull, cracked, or exhibits any combination of the above, you likely have dry skin. However, the issue of dry skin extends beyond its appearance. Infection-causing bacteria are more likely to enter when your skin begins to crack. What causes your dry skin, and what remedies can you use to make it feel better?

Most Common Causes Of Dry Skin

• Age

Our bodies tend to create less sebum as we age, and this causes our skin to thin down and become drier. There are less lipids occupying the spaces between the skin barrier’s cells as a result of decreased sebum production, which facilitates water evaporation from the skin.

• Long, Hot Showers, And Baths

Dry skin is more likely to result from any shower that lasts more than ten minutes. Likewise with your hot tub.

• Climate

Your skin is more likely to be dry if you live in a sunny, dry location like the desert or mountains.

• Chronic Skin Conditions

Dry skin can be a side effect of eczema, a condition where the skin becomes sensitive or inflamed. Very dry skin can also result from the chronic inflammatory skin condition psoriasis.

How Can You Soothe Dry Skin?

Utilizing a quality moisturizer is the first and likely best therapy for dry skin. In a moisturizer, you should be on the lookout for the following crucial components:

• Glycerin

The moisture of the skin is restored by glycerin-containing moisturizers, which draw water molecules into the epidermis.

• Petrolatum

Oil-based moisturizers that contain petrolatum keep moisture from evaporating by sealing it in.

• Niacinamide

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)-containing moisturizers assists in enhancing your skin’s protective moisture barrier, restoring and repairing the appearance of your skin.

• Triple Threat Moisturizers

The ideal solution for maintaining supple, healthy-looking skin is a moisturizer that has all three essential components.

Although moisturizing your skin every day and at night is a healthy habit to establish, there are alternative ways to treat dry skin. Here are some methods for healing dry skin:

• In general, a cleanser is kinder to your skin than antibacterial soap and will help res tore any moisture lost throughout the cleansing procedure.

• After taking a shower or washing your face, moisturize right away to lock in any remaining moisture.

You’ll have a good chance of succeeding in your fight against dry skin if you stick to these straightforward suggestions and advice.

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