Blotchy Red Skin – Tips And Ideas On How To Get Rid Of It

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If your one of many who suffers from blotchy red skin, the first thing you need to do is figure out whats causing it. Maybe its the soap or body wash you’re using, or that extra glass of wine. Here are some reasons why you might be suffering from blotchy skin.

1) Using Bar Soaps

Using a harsh bar soap on your face tends to weaken your skins defense mechanism or barrier by stripping it of its natural oils, ceramides, and healthy fatty acids, the perfect recipe for creating irritated, dry, and blotchy skin.

Choosing The Right Cleanser

It’s best if you use a pH neutral, hydrating, non-soap type of cleanser or wipe to remove dirt that builds up during your day. There are many effective and safe choices, this cleanser is highly recommended, extremely gentle, effective and safe, Click Here For More Info.

2) Over-Exfoliating

All of us shed about 50 million skin cells each and every day, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to remove them from your face and it can actually be incredibly easy to overdo it. Meaning that too much exfoliating can lead to inflamed, blotchy skin.

Exfoliate The Right Way

Try to avoid products that contain rough or gritty exfoliators like seeds or kernels, and stay away from harsh chemical peels. A better solution would be using gentler products that contain sugar for example as the exfoliator. Also, keep in mind, there really is no need to exfoliate every day, a few times each week is sufficient. This product is one the more popular ones on the market, it’s gentle and works on all skin types, Click Here For More Info.

3) Moisturizing With Scented Products

As much as we all love our beautifully scented body lotions and scrubs, they could be causing your skin some real serious grief, since products that are scented can be very irritating to our skin. Whats worse, if you develop an annoying rash, you’re most likely dealing with eczema. How will you know? You will start noticing pink scaly patches in places where scented products came in contact with your face.

Moisturizing Your Skin The Right Way

Always use products that are fragrance and dye-free. Apply a hydrating cream immediately after you shower, this will help to lock in moisture and will keep your skin calm. If you think you might have eczema or other cosmetic allergies, consult with your doctor. This moisturizer is great for sensitive skin and will help soothe red, irritated, cracking, or itchy skin, Click Here For More Info.

4) No, Not Red Wine?

glass of red wine

There’s a really good reason why you get that red glow after a few glasses of your favorite red wine. The alcohol along with sulfites that are used to preserve wines cause the small blood vessels in your face to open a little more which causes blood to rush to the surface and Bam! red cheeks. If the redness in your cheeks tends to last for hours then you might also have rosacea. Together with alcohol, other things like caffeine, hot or spicy foods, or even some citrus fruits can cause red cheeks.

So, how can you avoid blotchy red skin after eating or drinking? Try sipping on a glass of water between drinks, this can help flush out any alcohol before it gets to your face. When it comes to meal times, chose milder versions of your favorite foods. For people dealing with rosacea, a survey conducted by the National Rosacea Society found that between red wine, white wine, beer, and liquor, liquor actually affects fewer people, so the next time you belly up to the bar go for a shot instead of your favorite vino.

5) Exercising

Working out and getting enough exercise is an important part of leading a healthy life, but, exercise can trigger blotchy skin. When our heart rates and temperature rise when doing cardio training, more blood gets pumped to all of our vital organs, including our skin.

So, how can you clear up your skin after exercise? Easy, try placing an ice cube in the back of your mouth where your body’s temperature sensors are. Another thing you can do is to spray on spring water that has anti-inflammatory minerals when you’re done working out at the gym, this can help to quickly even out your skin tone.

6) Not Using Sunscreen

Unprotected exposure to the suns harmful rays causes nearly 90% of premature skin aging which includes brown spots and saggy skin. However, the solution is simple.

Wearing Sunscreen The Right Way

Using an SPF 30 or higher every day along with good sunglasses and a hat are a must if you plan on spending time outdoors. If you already have affected areas of your skin you might want to consider limiting your screen time, that’s right, light from your cell phone or computer can actually make the problem worse. Another idea is to try an antioxidant serum in the morning and a prescription strength retinol at night to help prevent more UV induced blotchiness. This is a sunscreen that is highly recommended and trusted by Dermatologists worldwide, Click Here For More Info.


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