Best Shaving Products For Men 2021 – Achieve The Perfect Look

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There are many reasons why men shave and those can be anything from wanting to leave a positive impression during a job interview, maybe a special event or occasion, wanting to look their best in the workplace, for their partner, or maybe even a vacation. Whatever the reason for perfecting your look you need to know which products will help you achieve your best style.

Here is our list of the best shaving products for men in 2021.


Top 15 Shaving Products For Men 2021

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1. Ultimate Shaving Kit By Maison Lambert

2. Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Men’s Razor

3.  Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000, 23 Attachments

4.  Baxter of California Men’s Double-Edged Razor Set

5.  Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set 

6.  Braun Series 9290CC Men’s Electric Foil Shaver – Wet & Dry

7. Pitbull Platinum Head Shaver By Skull Shaver

8.  BAKblade 2.0 Back And Body Hair Removal Shaver

9. HeadBlade HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream

10.  Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition

11.  Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Wet/Dry Men’s Electric Razor

12.  Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System

13.  MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver

14.  Panasonic Arc5 Electric Men’s Shaver

15. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

16.  Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit



1) Ultimate Shaving Kit By Maison Lambert

For many men getting back to the basics and doing things in a more classic and traditional way is becoming more and more popular. Choosing to go from electric shavers to the more traditional wet shave is something men all over the planet are now doing and finding the perfect shaving kit isn’t always that easy, you need to consider things like the razor itself, the brush, the kind of soap that comes with the kit and even the bowl if you really need or want one.

Fortunately, Maison Lambert offers a complete shaving kit that is among the best you will find anywhere. This kit is organic and handmade and comes with a classic double-edged safety razor that guarantees a close smooth shave every time.

Pros                                                                         Cons

Organic & Handmade                                                   Ø Might Be A Little Pricey For Some

Hypoallergenic & Artificial Fragrances Free

Cruelty-Free, Chemical Free, Parabens Free

Very High Quality

What’s In The Kit?

• This classic traditional French Kit comes complete with:

• Double-Edged Safety Razor And 10 Astra Blades.

• Pure Black Badger Hair Brush.

• Organic Shaving Soap.

• Organic Aftershave And A Free Organic Body Soap.

• Beautiful Wooden Shaving Bowl.

• Shaving Brush Stand.

Ultimate Shaving Kit By Maison Lambert Product Features

• Everything Comes Packaged In A Beautiful Wood Cigar Box.

• Made Of The Best Natural Ingredients Such As Organic Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Bentonite Clay And Aloe Vera.

• Everything In This Kit Is Hypoallergenic And Artificial Fragrances Free. Maison Lambert Uses Only Pure Essential Oils To Create Pleasing And Not Overwhelming Scents.

• Maison Lambert Products Are Cruelty-Free, Nasty Chemical Free, Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Dyes, Toxins, Artificial Fragrances, Ethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, DEA And Petroleum Oil.


Shaving Soap Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Fruit, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Unrefined Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Bentonite Clay, essential oils of Cedarwood, Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lime.

Aftershave Balm Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Organic unrefined shea butter), Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Jojoba) Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa (Organic Unrefined Argan) Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea tree Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lime Oil.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does This Come With Extra Blades?

Yes, it comes with 10 Astra blades.

  • Is This Good For Men And Women?

Yes, this is perfect for both men and women.

  • Does This Kit Come With A Brush Stand?

Yes, it comes with a brush stand.

Final Verdict

Maison Lambert is known for its quality products and the Ultimate Shaving Kit is no exception. All of Maison Lambert’s ingredients are hypoallergenic and include luxurious all natural things like aloe vera, organic argan oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and bentonite clay.

All of Maison Lambert’s products are also free of parabens, dyes, toxins, sulfates, ethyl alcohol, artificial fragrances, phenoxyethanol, petroleum oil, and DEA, and none of their products are tested on animals.

Even though this quality shaving kit is a little on the pricey side, you definitely get your money’s worth and judging by a lot of customer reviews this product is highly rated by many satisfied happy customers and is definitely worth trying.


2) Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Men’s Razor

Electric razor manufacturers in recent years have started developing shavers that utilize multiple blades in order to achieve a cleaner, closer, easier shave. For men who have more sensitive skin, there’s also good news, the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Men’s Razor features four ultra-sharp Arc4 Nanotech blades that offer a clean, quick shave, wet or dry.

This razor also features an ultra-thin stainless steel multi-fit foil that conforms to your facial contours and the flexible pivoting shaving head moves easily over your face, neck, chin, and jaw. You can use this shaver wet or dry with your favorite gel or foam over the sink or in the shower.

Pros                                                                Cons

Wet Or Dry Operation                                        Ø Does Not Work While Charging

Lightweight, Ergonomic Design

10-Stage LCD

Flexible Pivoting Shaving Head

Fast Charge

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Men’s Razor Features

♦ Shaves clean, close and quick with the 4-blade cutting system.

♦ Stainless-steel foils follow facial contours for closeness and comfort.

♦ Pivoting head glides effortlessly over face, chin and jaw.

♦ Linear motor maintains peak performance throughout battery life.

♦ Use dry or in the shower with wet/dry convenience.

♦ 100% washable, features sonic vibration cleaning mode.

♦ LCD display, built-in pop-up trimmer, a travel pouch included.

Flexible Pivoting Shaver Head

The Panasonic Arc 4 face shaver is designed with a flexible pivoting head which moves side-to-side and up-and-down that gives a smooth, uniform motion along each of the individual contours of the face to shave the chin, jawline, and neck while also providing maximum closeness and comfort. The flexibility of this razor also makes this a great head shaver.

High-Performance Linear Motor

Panasonic’s quiet, high-performance linear motor was designed to shave at speeds of 13,000 cycles per minute (CPM), and ensure peak electric razor performance throughout the cordless shaver battery life. Compared with 10,000 CPM shavers, the Panasonic Arc4 operates nearly 1.5 times faster, with twice the cutting force according to Panasonic.

The Multi-Fit Arc Foil

The Panasonic men’s razor electric shaver head is gently curved to let the shaving machine move evenly along your chin and along the jawline for maximum comfort. With the Arc 4 foil shaver, you can also move the shaver head in a circular motion which is ideal for those accustomed to a rotary shaver.

30 Degree Nanotech Electronic Razor Blades

The Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 features men’s shaver blades that are honed to an acute 30-degree cutting edge to cut more efficiently and cleanly at the base of every hair. Stainless-steel, hypoallergenic Arc 4 blades, and foils are gentle on any skin type and sensitivity.

Pop-Up Shaver Trimmer

The Arc4 razor includes a pop-up trimmer, which is great for trimming and detailing your mustache and sideburns. It is located on the back of the cordless razor head. Just pop up when your ready to use and push to close when you’re finished.

Advanced Illuminated LCD Display

A really handy quick-read digital display is built into the Panasonic electric razor’s sure-grip handle that includes a shave timer, five-stage battery indicator, cleaning reminder, sonic vibration cleaning mode, a Blade and Foil replacement reminder and battery charge indicator.

So, What’s In The Box?

1 – Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Men’s Razor

1 – Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor Travel Pouch

1- Rechargeable Shaver AC Adapter

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does This Work With 220V?

Yes, this comes with an AC adapter that works 100 – 240V.

  • Can I Use This Shaver On My Head?

Yes, the flexible pivoting shaver head makes this a great head shaver.

  • Can I Use This Shaver While It’s Plugged In?

No, this shaver does not work while plugged in and charging.

Final Thoughts

The Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 is loaded with features and is a great razor that is reasonably priced. This shaver provides a close shave, charges quickly and can be used wet or dry, and the 4 blade cutting system makes it perfect for men with slightly more sensitive skin since they help prevent nicks and cuts.

For the money, the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 is a great value, this razor is well built and it performs extremely well, and is definitely worth trying!

3) Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000, 23 Attachments

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 is the latest release in an already impressive line up of quality grooming products from Philips Norelco. This is their most advanced trimmer that offers dual cut blades that deliver maximum precision for head to toe styling.

The steel frame and rubber grips give you amazing control and the Lithium-Ion battery yields 5 hours of run-time.

Pros                                                                 Cons

Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery                             Ø Better Case For Storing Attachments

Corded & Cordless Use                                        Ø No Charging Stand

5 Hour Runtime

23 Pieces

Stainless Steel Design

All-in-One Trimmer

Ultimate Precision With Their Most Advanced Blades

  • 23 Pieces
  • DualCut blades
  • 5-hour runtime
  • Stainless steel design

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 Key Features

  • Trim And Style Your Face, Head, And Body With 23 Pieces

This set comes with 23 pieces for all your trimming needs. A metal trimmer, a foil shaver, a detail metal trimmer, a nose and ear trimmer, an extra-wide hair trimmer, 6 hair trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, 2 stubble trimming guards, 2 body trimming guards, an eyebrow trimming guard, a storage bag, and a cleaning brush.

  • Dual Cut Technology With 2x More Blades

Maximum precision with DualCut technology, which includes 2x more blades. The steel blades lightly brush against one another – sharpening themselves as they work. This results in blades that are sharp as day 1 after 5 years of use.

  • Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery Delivers 5 Hours Of Runtime

Philips Norelco’s most powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery delivers up to 5 hours of runtime per charge.

  • Fully Washable Trimmer Can Be Easily Rinsed Under The Tap

The trimmer and all of its attachments are fully washable, you simply rinse them under the faucet for easy cleaning.

  • Reinforced Guards Won’t Bend Or Buckle While Trimming

The unique cutting guards are reinforced to prevent bending and buckling, ensuring an even trim every time.

  • The Trimmer Can Be Used Cordless Or While Plugged In

The trimmer can conveniently be used cordless for 5 hours, or while plugged in for continual use.

  • Stainless Steel Frame And Rubber Grip Improve Control

The trimmer’s frame is made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability, and the rubber detailing delivers best-in-class comfort and control.

  • Steel Trimmer With Self Sharpening Blades

The trimmer’s precise steel blades create clean, straight lines and evenly trim through the thickest hair. The non-corrosive blades won’t rust, and they self-sharpen to last longer.

  • Foil Shaver Creates Clean Edges

The foil shaver quickly and comfortably shaves clean lines around your style.

  • Narrow Steel Precision Trimmer For Creating Detailed Styles

The narrow design of the steel precision trimmer makes it easy to precisely edge and finish small details.

  • Nose And Ear Trimmer Removes Unwanted Hair

The trimmer quickly trims unwanted nose and ear hair without nicks or cuts.

  • Extra-Wide Hair Trimmer For Quick Trims, Haircuts, And Fades

The steel trimmer’s extra-wide design helps capture more hair in each stroke for faster trimming, haircutting, and fading.

  • 14 Reinforced Guards To Trim Beard, Stubble, Head, And Body

Multiple lengths for quick and convenient head-to-toe trimming. The reinforced guards are individually marked, and deliver clean, even cuts and trims on beard, stubble, head, and body.


  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Run-Time: 5 Hours
  • Charging: – 2 Hour Charge – 5 Minute Quick Charge

Ease Of Use

  • Cleaning: Fully Washable
  • Operation: Corded & Cordless Use
  • Display: Low Battery Indicator – Charging Indicator
  • Maintenance Free: No Oil Needed

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does This Work On 220 V?

Yes, it has an automatic voltage of 100-240 V

  • Can I Use This In The Shower?

No, the trimmer and all of its attachments are fully washable, so simply rinse them under the faucet for easy cleaning. Do not charge or operate the product until fully dried.

  • Does The Comb Offer Different Length Settings?

Yes, it has 6 hair trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, 2 stubble trimming guards, 2 body trimming guards, and an eyebrow trimming guard.

  • Does This Trimmer Show How Much Battery Is Left?

Yes, when the battery is almost empty, the battery status indicator lights up orange.

Final Thoughts

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000, 23 Attachments is the latest addition to their family of face stylers and grooming kits. We were unable to find any negative reviews or comments and early indications are that this product will be another popular one. It is a well built, complete grooming set that is very reasonably priced, can be used corded or cordless, is fully washable, maintenance free, and offers 5 hours of run-time, definitely worth trying.


4) Baxter of California Men’s Double-Edged Razor Set

Baxter Of California’s modern take on the traditional wet shaving set will make an excellent and eye-catching addition to your daily grooming routine. This shaving set was designed with serious wet shavers in mind. The 3-piece set features sleek and stylish chrome plating that puts a touch of sophistication to any bathroom counter.

The Silver Tip Badger Brush helps create an excellent foaming lather as it lifts up facial hair. The Double-Edge (DE) Safety Razor glides smoothly along your skin, resulting in a close, comfortable shave. Both handles are made of brass and nickel-plated, then finished in chrome and engraved with a pattern reminiscent of the classic barbershop pole. The stand holds both the razor and the brush.

Pros                                                                 Cons

Made In Germany                                                Ø Might Be A Little Pricey For Some

Silver Tip Badger Hair Brush

High-Quality, Well-Built

Great Looking Set

How To Use The Safety Razor Set

  • Apply a thin layer of shave formula to clean skin or to a shave brush and apply in circular motions. Let sit on the skin for 30 seconds
  • Use the razor slowly, with short strokes and in the direction of the hair growth to avoid razor bumps and burn.
  • Rinse blade often under warm water.
  • Shave difficult areas last, permitting the cream to soften the hair longer.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is This Made In Germany?

Yes, it is made in Germany.

  • Do You Need To Replace The Razor Blades?

Yes, you will need to replace them when necessary.

Final Thoughts

The Baxter Of California Men’s Double-Edged Razor Set without question is expensive, but if quality is what you’re looking for, this is it. This set will provide you with a smooth, easy shave without nicks or cuts and ads a touch of sophistication to any bathroom counter. This quality shaving set is definitely worth trying.


5) Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set

Parker Safety Razor has been a worldwide leader in safety razor innovation and design since 1973. This family owned and operated business creates shaving products that are manufactured to the highest standards. Parker Safety Razors have genuine brass frames, the brushes have the best quality badger bristles available and are handmade, and Parker Safety Razor shave stands provide stylish and convenient options to hold and display your shaving brush and razor.

Parker Shaving Sets not only make shaving fun but also provide the necessary components for a “barbershop shave” at home and one of those high-quality shave sets is the Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set. This shave set contains the Parker 96R butterfly-open safety razor, genuine pure badger brush and chrome stand.

Pros                                                               Cons

√ Butterfly Open Safety Razor                            Ø Brush May Have An Odd Smell

√ 100% Pure Badger Bristle Brush

√ Quality Chrome Shave Stand

√ Perfect For New And Experienced Wet Shavers

The Parker 96R Safety Razor

The Parker 96R  butterfly open is one of the most popular safety razors, it has an intermediate weight and textured black and chrome handle. It has a thinner diameter handle so it’s great for people with smaller hands. This razor also features Parker’s precision engineered twist-to-open head, a nice heft and is perfectly balanced. This is an excellent razor for new and experienced wet shavers.

• Weight: 3 3/4 oz.

• Length: 4″

• Handle Material: Genuine Brass Frame, Black  And Chrome Plated.

The Parker BCPB Shaving Brush

This 100% pure badger bristle shaving brush is one of Parker’s best sellers. It has a long loft brush knot for extra lathering capability and is not as coarse as black badger and is more firm than silvertip badger. The really nice thing about 100% pure badger is that it offers an excellent compromise between stiffness and softness.

The Parker BCPB Shaving Brush Features

• 100% Pure Badger Bristles
 22 mm Brush Knot
 Durable Resin Handle
 Handmade for Superior Quality
 Long Loft Bristles for Extra Lathering Ability
 Acrylic Brush Stand included
 Packaged in a Gift Box

C2PGSS Chome Shave Stand by Super Safety Razors

This high-quality chrome shave stand ensures proper brush drying that will prolong the life of your shave brush while also storing your razor. It has a heavyweight base for stability, is chrome plated, and has a modern looking Felt Lined base. This shave stand fits all standard safety razors and cartridge razors with a rounded handle.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Base Of The Stand Rubber Or Felt?

The bottom of the base is felt.

  • How Long Is This Razor?

Length is 4″.

  • Does This Set Come With Blades?

Yes, it comes with 5 blades.

Final Thoughts

Parker Safety Razor has been making quality shaving products for almost 50 years and are considered one of the most popular brands on the market today. Parker Safety Razor products are handcrafted and undergo extensive engineering and quality testing.

All Parker Safety Razor products, including the Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set, are made with the finest materials available which ensures the absolute best end product and experience for their customers. The Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set is a quality product that is reasonably priced and will provide years of service and “barbershop close” shaves at home.

So, whether you’re new to wet shaving or have years of experience, The Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set might just be what you’re looking for!


6) Braun Series 9290CC Men’s Electric Foil Shaver – Wet & Dry

The Braun Series 9290CC is described as the worlds most efficient men’s electric foil shaver. With more power, more cutting elements, and a sleek new modern design, the series 9 shaver is Braun’s most advanced electric shaver to date.

With changes such as a new shaving head and wet/dry capabilities for all new shavers, the Braun Series 9290CC is shaping up to be one of the best selling series 9 men’s electric foil shavers.

Pros                                                                     Cons

Made In Germany                                                     Ø A Little Pricey

Waterproof                                                                 Ø Shaver Head Is Large

Comfortable Close Shave

Cleaning Station

Works Well On Sensitive Skin

Key Product Features

  • 5 Shaving Elements

4 cutting elements and 1 SkinGuard work together seamlessly, ensuring you get the best efficiency but also the best skin comfort.

  • 2 Specialized Trimmers

2 specialized trimmers combined with a titanium coating, makes sure you capture even the trickiest hair in every stroke.

  • Intelligent Sonic And Auto-Sense Technology

10,000 micro-vibrations and an adaptive shaving motor help to capture more hair in every stroke, even on dense beards.

  • 10-D Contour Adaptation

10 direction flexible head and floating shaving elements, gently adapt to your skin and capture hair even in hard to reach places.

  • Wet & Dry

This shaver was designed to shave dry or with water, foam, gel and in the shower.

  • 100% Waterproof

All Braun shavers are waterproof up to 5 meters, so you can shave under the shower and rinse them under running water.

  • Clean & Charge

Clean & Charge station removes 99.99% of germs with the press of a button. Plus, it automatically lubricates, dries and charges your shaver.

  • 50 Minute Cordless Shaving

The state-of-the-art Li-Ion battery fully recharges in one hour. The premium display counts down the remaining battery time with 5 different steps and counts down the last 9 min. of shaving time.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • On Average How Often Are Heads Replaced?

18 Months Is Recommended.

  • Can I Use This Shaver When I’m Away From Home?

Yes, As Long As You Have The Proper Adapter For The Country You Are In.

  • Can I Use This Shaver In The Shower?

Yes, This Shaver Is 100% Waterproof.

Final Thoughts

While the Braun Series 9290CC Shaver is a little pricey, it gets the job done. It shaves fast and close,  is easy to use, and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It comes with a quality cleaning station and replacement shaving heads are reasonably priced and it’s definitely worth trying!


7) Pitbull Platinum Head Shaver By Skull Shaver

The Pitbull Platinum is the newest in The Skull Shaver series of quality head shaving gear. Skull Shaver literally tore everything down and started from scratch, with new production facilities, better components, and better quality testing.

The Pitbull Platinum now shaves closer, faster, and is more durable than anything before. Pitbull Platinum is water resistant so it’s safe to use in the shower and can also be used while charging. Pitbull was designed for cordless baldhead and face shaving and the durable but powerful motor turns up to 10,000 RPM.

Pros                                                                      Cons

Close, Quick, Smooth Shave                                     Ø Charger Could Be Improved On

Ergonomic Grip Friendly Design 

90 Minute Cordless Operation

Travel Lock

Luxury Travel Case

The Grip

The patented ergonomic design fits your hand like a glove, and it feels like an extension of your hand. The shaver body allows for many different grips, letting you comfortably reach and quickly shave hard to reach areas like the upper and lower parts of the back of your head.

The Blades

Five large, flexing shaver heads with rotary cutters allow you to shave in any direction, you can shave while moving the shaver forward, backward, even in a circular motion. These shaving motions significantly cuts down on the time it takes to shave, and you will experience no nicks, no cuts, and no burns.

Each blade flexes independently, allowing the blades to contour to any head or face shape, giving you an even shave over even the hardest to shave spots.

Skull Shaver completely re-engineered Pitbull blades, they shave faster and smoother than any of their previous models. The final drive gear is 22% larger, delivering more hair cutting torque to the blades, and the cutting area has been increased by 10%, allowing you to shave more area in less time. Each foot articulates 33% more, allowing the shaver to better conform to the shape of your head.

Pitbull’s precision blades are encased in a stronger casing giving Pitbull blades excellent durability and protection from unexpected jolts and drops. The enclosed monocoque design allows Skull Shaver to manufacture blades to tighter specs, which means Pitbull blades can shave faster, smoother, and more efficiently than old designs.

Travel Lock

Pitbull Platinum features a travel lock to prevent your shaver from accidentally turning on while in your bag. To activate the Travel Lock feature, simply hold down the power button, after a few seconds the display will illuminate and the lock icon will appear. The power button will now be disabled until the lock is turned off. To disable the Travel Lock, press and hold the power button, after a few seconds the lock icon will disappear and the shaver will turn on and be ready for immediate use.

Pitbull Platinum Features

♦ 1400 mah Lithium-Ion Battery

♦ 90 Minute Cordless operation

♦ Travel Lock Feature

♦ Wash Indicator

♦ Premium Backlit LCD Battery Indicator

♦ Luxury Travel Case Included

How To Use And Clean Your Pitbull Platinum

For best results, move the shaver in small circular motions and make sure to clean the blades frequently in a Skull Shaver Rinse Stand or a bowl of water. Simply dip the running blades in the water occasionally throughout the shave.

Cleaning your Pitbull Platinum is easy, simply run the shaver and dip the blades in the Skull Shaver Rinse Stand or a bowl of water. The running blades will self-clean and push out shavings.

Final Thoughts

The Pitbull Platinum Shaver By Skull Shaver is a well-built quality shaving device that looks great with it’s LCD display and it handles extremely well. The five large flexing shaver heads with rotary cutters allow you to shave in any direction. You can shave while moving the shaver forward, backward, and even in a circular motion. This will significantly cut down on the time it takes to shave, and the shaver won’t nick, cut, or even burn.

The Pitbull Platinum might be a little expensive but it’s one great shaver that gets the job done and is money well spent. Highly Recommended!

Hey, Guys! Skull Shaver Also Makes An Awesome Shaver For Women. Don’t Forget To Check It Out Here Today!

8) BAKblade 2.0 Back And Body Hair Removal Shaver

Any guy who has ever wanted to get rid of his back hair knows what an ordeal it can actually be. The first and most obvious issue is that you just can’t get back there to get the job done, so, you call up the girlfriend or try to get your wife to help, or maybe even an expensive and painful waxing treatment is the only solution.

Fortunately, there is a product that can take on that challenge and make shaving your back a simple and painless experience. The BAKblade 2.0 Back And Body Hair Removal Shaver has been completely re-engineered from the ground up. It now comes with redesigned DryGlide safety blades that can be used wet or dry, and a long curved ergonomic handle that can be gripped from multiple positions so reach literally anywhere on your back. This shaver also comes with a detachable blade cartridge you can use to detail areas like your chest and abs.

Pros                                                        Cons

DryGlide Safety Blade Technology          Ø Replacement Blades Are A Bit Expensive

Folding S-shaped Handle

Detachable Cartridge Housing

Can Be Used Wet Or Dry

Lightweight & Easy To Use

BAKblade 2.0 Back And Body Hair Removal Shaver Features

♦ Completely Re-engineered From The Ground Up

♦ Ergonomic S-shaped Handle

♦ Shave Wet Or Dry

♦ Patented DryGlide Safety Blades

♦ Detachable Cartridge Housing

♦ Retractable Design

Unrivaled Ergonomics

The special folding, S-shaped handle of the BAKblade 2.0 is designed for maximum comfort, grippability, and ergonomics for accessing hard-to-reach areas. The handle is now retractable so you can fold it in half for easy travel. You also get a handy wall mount accessory.

DryGlide Blades

The patented DryGlide blades are specially designed to be used wet or dry, and the extra wide blades allow for over three times the coverage of your average cartridge razor.

Detachable Cartridge Housing

The cartridge that holds the patented DryGlide blades is detachable from the shaver handle for convenient use on easy to access areas of your body such as the chest.

Shave Wet Or Dry

BAKblade blades are designed to shave back and body hair which in most areas of the body tends to be less coarse than typically found with facial hair. BAKblade technology is designed to control razor flexibility in such a way that allows a lighter and less rigid friction between the razor and your skin’s surface.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Do BAKblade Shaver Blades Last?

That really depends on how much back hair each individual might have but on average most users find that each blade will last them on average of 5 to 7 shaves. In order to maintain getting the quickest and cleanest shave, it’s recommended that you change out the blades at least once every month.

  • Will My Back Hair Grow Back Faster After Shaving It?

No, shaving hair does not change its thickness, color or rate of growth. When you shave, your hair winds up with a blunt tip and the tip may feel coarse or stubby for a time when it starts growing out. During this time hair might be more noticeable and possibly appear darker and thicker, but it’s actually not.

  • How Is This Razor Around Moles And Skin Tags?

Like any razor, you need to be careful around moles and skin tags.

Final Thoughts

The BAKblade 2.0 Back And Body Hair Removal Shaver is a good product that is reasonably priced and does what it claims. It easily handles the age-old problem men have had for such a long time, how can I possibly shave my back hair without asking for help?

This shaver comes with some very handy features such as the ergonomic S-shaped handle that lets you access those really hard to reach areas and it folds down for easy storage or travel, the BAKblade technology is designed to control razor flexibility which allows for a pain-free wet or dry shave, and a detachable cartridge housing just to mention a few.

When you consider what you get with the BAKblade 2.0 compared to some of the alternatives such as painful and expensive waxing treatments, laser hair removal, or chemical treatments, the BAKblade 2.0 Back And Body Hair Removal Shaver will be a welcome addition to your body grooming routine and is definitely worth trying!


9) HeadBlade HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream

Todd Greene is the inventor and founder of HeadBlade, which has now been in business for over 19 years. After shaving his head daily since 1992 with standard razors he created an ergonomic handle that was compatible with standard razor cartridges. So, what does this have to do with HeadSlick? Todd’s idea started to win several design awards and as the world was taking notice and as time went on, Todd decided to create and expand his head care products line, and one of those extremely popular products is HeadBlade HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream.

Pros                                                    Cons

Paraben & Cruelty-Free                        Ø A Little More Expensive Than Others



Water Soluble

A Little Goes A Long Way

HeadSlick is specially formulated to give you the smoothest shave possible. Special lubricants allow blades to move effortlessly along your skin, and HeadSlick is water soluble so blades rinse easily. Headslick is also mentholated so your skin does feel cool and refreshed after you shave.

HeadBlade HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream Features

♦ HeadSlick Shave Cream Is Lubricated Allowing Blades To Move Effortlessly Along Your Skin

♦ HeadSlick Is Water Soluble

♦ Mentholated Cream Leaves Your Skin Cool And Refreshed

♦ HeadSlick Is Designed For The Full Head Shaving Experience

♦ HeadSlick Has No Perfumes, No Dyes, And Is Cruelty-Free

Suggested Use

Apply a small amount of HeadSlick shave cream to the palm of your hand. A nickel sized amount should be plenty for your entire face and head, a little goes a long way. Shave, then rinse clean.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is This Product Scented?

No, this shave cream is not scented.

  • Is This Shave Cream Paraben-Free?

Yes, this is paraben, perfume, and cruelty-free.

  • Where Is This Product Made?

This is made in the USA.

Final Thoughts

HeadBlade, the makers of HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream have been in business for some time now, and their popularity continues to grow worldwide. HeadSlick is specially formulated to give you a smooth, close shave without irritating razor burn. HeadSlick is water soluble so you can clean blades easily, is mentholated, and a little goes a long way.

Everywhere you look HeadSlick is getting rave reviews worldwide. So, if a product is that incredibly popular with its users, in our opinion it must definitely be worth trying!


10) Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition

Wet shaving for many men is the Holy Grail of shaving methods and for good reason, you get an extremely close shave but it takes time, sometimes as many as 3 passes across the face to achieve the desired smoothness. But what if time is an issue and you just don’t have it, then the answer just might be the electric shaver.

Choice of electric shaver is mostly a personal one, but rotary shavers tend to work best on thick, fast-growing course beards.

Pros                                                                Cons

Long Run Time                                                     Ø A Little Noisy

Wet & Dry Capability

Extremely Fast Shave Time

Easy To Clean

Anti-Slip Grip

The Philips Norelco S8950/90 Electric Shaver is the best choice for dealing with tough, stubborn whiskers, each shaving head moves in 8 directions allowing the shaver to cut up to 20% more hair. The Special Wet & Dry Electric Edition with aquatech technology allows you to enjoy a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave using gel or foam.

The Wet & Dry electric shave system cuts hairs up to 30% closer to the skin, and the smart clean system allows for easy maintenance.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition Features

  • V-Track Precision Blades cuts hairs up to 30% closer
  • Contour Detect Technology cuts up to 20 percent more hair
  • Click-on Beard Styler with 5 length settings
  • Interface with 3 level battery indicator and travel lock
  • Charges fully in one hour
  • Built to last, the shaver comes with full 2-year warranty
  • SmartClean cleans, lubricates, dries and charges your shaver

What’s In The Box?

  • Wet And Dry Electric Shaver With SmartClean System
  • Aquatec Wet And Dry V-Track Precision Blades
  • Contour Detect Technology
  • SmartClick Beard Styler

Contour Detect Technology And V-Track Precision Blades

With the unique Contour Detect Technology, each shaving head independently moves in 8 directions to follow the curves of your face. The contouring system helps cut up to 20 percent more hair in a single pass. The V-Track Precision Blades collect hair in the optimal cutting position, resulting in a more comfortable shave that’s 30 percent closer to the skin. The blades also self-sharpen to ensure a premium wet or dry shave day after day.

Smart Click Beard Styler

5 built-in length settings for trimming stubble to a short beard. Rounded tips and comb are designed to prevent skin irritation.

LED Display

The LED display shows when the battery is low, when you need a new shaving head and when the travel lock is on. Travel lock prevents the product from turning on by accident.

SmartClean System – Cleans And Chargers The Shaver

Maintaining the quality of your shaver is important and now you can do that at the touch of a button, the SmartClean system keeps your shaver like new every day. With an alcohol-free, skin-friendly formula, the SmartClean system cleans hair, foam, and gel through a unique dual-filtration system. The system also lubricates the shaver’s blades to reduce friction and keep your shaver in top condition. After each cycle, the SmartClean system also charges the shaver so it’s always ready to go.

– Battery Type: Lithium-ion
– Run-time: 60 min
– Automatic voltage: 100-240 V
– Stand-by power: 0.15 W
– Max power consumption: 5.4 W

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Replacement Head Should I Use?

Shaver series 9000 shaving head model SH90

  • Does This Shaver Come With A Sideburn Trimmer?

Yes, there is a separate trimmer that can be swapped with the rotary blades.

  • Can You Use Shaving Cream Or Gel With This Shaver?

Yes, this shaver can be used wet or dry.

Final Thoughts

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition offers a close comfortable shave even if you struggle with thick, stubborn hair and gets the job done at a very reasonable price. With each shaving head moving independently in 8 directions that follow the curves of your face, this shaver cuts up to 20% more hair in a single pass.

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver S8950/90 Wet & Dry Edition offers a lot of value for very little money and outperforms all previous generations and is definitely worth a try.


11) Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Wet/Dry Men’s Electric Razor


When it comes to offering a close shave not many in the market can beat the performance of the Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5. Wet/Dry Men’s Electric Razor.

This premium, award-winning Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV81-K is packed with smart, innovative features that deliver a remarkably close and comfortable shave. This Panasonic men’s electric razor is a 5-blade shaving system, which means more foils for better coverage and reduced shaving time. In addition, this premium shaver is equipped with 5 nanotech blades that are honed at an acute 30-degree angle enabling whiskers to be cut cleanly at the root.

Pros                                                          Cons

Pivoting Head                                                Ø Might Be A Little Pricey For Some

Wet/Dry Capability

Nanotech Blades

Automatic Premium Cleaning And Charging System

The multi-flex active pivoting electric razor head allows the shaver to glide uniformly over the chin and jaw line for more efficient coverage and maximum comfort. The 14,ooo cpm fast, linear motor drive system in the LV-81 eliminates the tugging and pulling that can occur with slower electric shavers and also maintains peak power right up to the end of the charge.

The automatic cleaning/charging system cleans the shaver with a hygienic, alcohol-free solution while removing stubble and debris. This shaver comes equipped with a travel pouch, 10-stage LCD display, switch-lock button and pop-up timer.

Key Features Of The Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5

  •  Lift-Tech Foil System

 Five ARC 5 foils work together to provide an extremely close shave.

 Finishing Foil: Unique, ultra-thin electric razor design captures and cuts stubborn hairs.

 Lift-Tech Foil: Reverse tapered edges lift and cut flat-laying hair.

 Quick-Comb Blade: Angled to catch and cut longer hairs.

  • Face-Hugging Muli-Flex Pivoting Head

Electric shaver head motion range: approximately 25 degrees back and forth, approximately 20 degrees left and right.

Panasonic Arc 5 conforms to the neck, under the chin area, and jawline.

  • 30-Degree Stainless Steel Nanotech Blades

Panasonic Arc 5 electric shavers include Nano polished 30-degree angle blades cut hair at its base for outstanding precision. Five stainless steel hypoallergenic blades and foils in the LV81 provide comfort and less irritation for sensitive skin types.

  • Automatic Premium Cleaning And Charging System

The Panasonic ES-LV-81-K cleans, dries, and charges the electric razor unit automatically to make shaver storage and maintenance easy and to keep the shaver in peak condition for daily use. Or, clean in seconds under running water.

  • Wet/Dry Shaving

You will enjoy the wet/dry electric shaver convenience of a quick shave using the dry operation or use wet, with foam or gel, for a smooth shave.

  • 10-Stage Illuminated Blue LCD Display

A 10-stage meter in the Panasonic LV-81-K displays LCD battery status and charge indicator plus a cleaning reminder to keep your blades fresh.

So, What’s In The Box?

  • ES-LV81-K Arc5 Men’s Electric Shaver
  • Premium Automatic Clean and Charge Station
  • Detergent Cartridge
  • AC Recharger
  • Travel Pouch

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Keeping My Shaver From Charging?

The shaver may not charge under the following circumstances:

1) The recommended charging temperature of 50-95 °F (10-35 °C) not being met.
2) The unit is already charged.
3) The unit is being used for the first time or has not been used for last six months and it may take a while for charging to start.

  • I Only See 2 Blades, There’s Supposed To Be 5. What Am I Missing?

There are 2 inner blades and 3 outer blades which equal 5.

  • Can I Use This Shaver When I Am Away From Home?

Yes, as long as you have the proper adapter.

Final Thoughts

The Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 has just about everything you could possibly need in a premium quality electric shaver. This shaver will give you the quality shave you deserve and do it in much less time compared other similar razors on the market.

Let’s face it, we would all like to have a little extra time in the morning for just about anything other than the endless chore of shaving.


12) Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System

The Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer is Panasonic’s top of the line ear and nose trimmer and what makes it so great is that it is a do-everything tool that you can add to your existing grooming kit, it comfortably removes ear and nose hair along with unwanted facial hair and comes with a convenient vacuum system.

Pros                                                                         Cons

Rotary Blade System with Safety Cone                      Ø A Little Noisy

Vacuum System

Curved, Hypo-Allergenic, Stainless Steel Blades

Improved Dual-Edge Blade

Easy To Clean

The Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer also features a rotary blade system that uses circular blade action for efficient hair trimming. This groomer will allow you to get close to the inside of your nose or ear wall for a neat trim. A safety cone guides hair into the blades and prevents the blade itself from coming in contact with your skin in order to protect it from cuts or injury and The Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer blades feature stainless steel construction which ensures long-lasting sharpness.

The Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer Features

  • Rotary Blade System with Safety Cone

The ER430K Vacuum Nose/Facial Hair Trimmer features a rotary blade system that uses a circular blade action for efficient hair trimming. This groomer lets you get close to the inside of your nose or ear wall for a neat trim. A safety cone guides hair into the blades, it and prevents the blade itself from coming in contact with your skin in order to protect it from cuts or injury. The ER430K Vacuum Nose/Facial Hair Trimmer blades feature stainless steel construction for long-lasting sharpness.

  • Curved, Hypo-Allergenic, Stainless Steel Blades

The blades are curved to match the contour of your nostrils so hairs are trimmed precisely and at even lengths. Hypo-Allergenic foils and blades are gentle for sensitive skin types.

  • Vacuum System

The Vacuum System neatly collects cut hairs, making cleanup extremely easy.

  • Improved Dual-Edge Blade

The Dual-Edge Blade cuts hair entering the trimmer from both the sides and the top of the trimmer. This makes it perfect for trimming individual stray hairs on the eyebrows or for beard detailing.

  • Immersible in Water for Easy Cleaning

The ER430K Vacuum Nose/Facial Hair Trimmer can be fully immersed in water, for easy, hygienic cleaning. Simply rinse the groomer under running water and you’re good to go. You can also bring the groomer into the shower.

Groom Anytime, Anywhere

With its portable, ergonomic design, the lightweight—less than 4 ounces—nose and ear hair trimmer fits neatly into bags and luggage for easy use while traveling.

Single Battery Convenience

For portability and convenience, this Panasonic nose clipper for men nose trimmer for women is powered by one AA-size battery (single use or rechargeable, not included) for nose, ear, hair trimmer, facial hair removal, eyebrow shaper, upper lip hair remover, and for use as a mustache and beard detail trimmer.

What’s In The Box?

  • Panasonic ER430K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer
  • Travel Pouch
  • Cleaning Brush


  • Power Source – DC 1.5V, 1 “AA” Battery (not included)
  • Ergonomic Grip – Yes
  • Wet/Dry – Yes
  • Blade Type – Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum – Yes
  • Dimensions ( H x W x D ) – 5.5” x 1.2” x 1.9”
  • Weight – 0.24

Final Thoughts

The Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System is a quality product that simply gets the job done and does it well. Its dual-edged blades allow you to detail eyebrows and beards and the stainless steel blades are curved so they won’t nick or painfully pull hairs out.

The other really nice feature about this trimmer is the convenient vacuum system which allows you to instantly get rid of clipped nose, ear, and facial hair as it trims, leaving no mess in the sink to clean up afterward.

The Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System is versatile, easy to use and easy to clean, definitely worth trying.


13) MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver

Need a little help getting rid of your unwanted back hair? Asking for help usually doesn’t work, thankfully MANGROOMER built their most advanced back shaver ever.

The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver comes with new advanced features that include two interchangeable Attachment Shaving Heads each with Shock Absorber Muti-Functional Flex Necks, Extreme Reach Extendable Ergonomic Rubberized Handle with Pro XL Extension Lock Button. It also comes with Power Hinge Easy Push Lock for varying degree shaving angles.

Pros                                                                       Cons

Shock Absorber Multi-Functional Flex Neck           Ø Doesn’t Work Well On Wet Skin

Two Interchangeable Shaving Heads

Quick Charge Battery

Power Burst Button To Easily Shave Coarse Hair

No Water Or Shaving Cream Needed

The best thing about this device is that you will never have to ask for help ever again because of its unique patented design. The design allows you to reach all areas of your back by yourself easily and shave off all of your unwanted back hair with very little effort. Tough to reach areas like the lower and middle back are no problem thanks to the fully extendable and adjustable Extreme Reach Extendable Ergonomic Handle which locks into place at any length you choose.

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver Features

♦ The new MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver’s unique patented design will enable you to reach all areas of your back by yourself with ease and shave off all your back hair effortlessly, plus the added Power Burst button will help shave and trim through extra thick and coarse hair.

♦ Two Interchangeable Attachment Shaving Heads, a 1.8-inch ultra wide back groomer blade to shave large areas and longer hairs quickly, plus an additional foil body groomer bi-directional head for regular maintenance, shorter hairs, and a perfectly smooth shave.Shock Absorber Multi-Functional Flex Neck on both Attachment Heads effortlessly follows the contours of your back for perfect blade to skin contact at any angle, resulting in a close, smooth shave.

♦ The Extreme Reach Extendable Ergonomic Rubberized Handle locks into place at any length you choose with the new PRO XL Extension Lock Button, plus the new Power Hinge Easy Push Lock Button allows you to lock your Ultimate Pro Back Shaver at any angle you prefer to achieve the perfect degree shaving angle.

♦ A new advanced quick charge battery offers easy and fast re-charging, plus a Charge Light Indicator alerts you when the back shaver is charging (red) and fully charged (green).

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver Benefits

♦ Look and feel clean and manicured. Eliminating unsightly back hair presents a more refined, clean image.

♦ Using the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver will help increase your confidence.

♦ Using your Ultimate Pro can help with romance by putting a spark back in your relationship or marriage.

♦ Show off your muscle definition, you will simply look in better shape after using the Ultimate Pro.

♦ Your back will be dry with less sweat and less body odor with a clean shaven back. 

♦ When your shirt is off during summer months, at the beach or perhaps a pool party, no back hair can be a big plus.

♦ Avoid embarrassing, painful, and costly commercial treatments, you can shave your back in private, easily, quickly, painlessly, and inexpensively by yourself in your own home.

So, Is The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver Right For You?

♦ One time purchase with one low cost.

♦ Easy to use, lightweight, and do-it-yourself.

♦ Unique design offers a fully extendable and adjustable handle that locks into place at various lengths to reach even the most difficult middle and lower back areas.

♦ Get rid of unwanted back hair in the privacy of your own home.

♦ Completely painless, unlike waxing, chemicals, laser, or electrolysis.

♦ Folds away easily into a compact size for travel or storage.

♦ No water or shaving cream needed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Use This On my Chest, Shoulders, And Stomach?

Yes, this can definitely be used on your chest, shoulders, and stomach.

  • Does This Work Well On Course Hair?

Yes, the Power Burst Button gives you the extra power needed to shave through extra thick coarse hair.

  • How Close Does This Device Shave?

Incredibly close, there is little stubble left thanks to the foil shaver head.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver is a good product at a very reasonable price and is a device that will help many men with the age-old problem of how to get rid of unwanted back hair without having to ask for help.

The unique design helps you reach hard to get to areas of your back with ease, is painless compared to waxing, chemicals, or lasers, is easy to use, inexpensive, lightweight, and can be used in the privacy of your own home. The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro DIY Electric Back Shaver will be a welcome addition to your grooming routine and is definitely worth trying.


14) Panasonic Arc5 Electric Men’s Shaver


When it comes to offering a close shave not many in the market can beat the performance of the Panasonic Arc5. If you are thinking that an electric razor can’t get the job done and you are considering going back to manual razors, you might want to think twice and give this electric a try.

This is Panasonic’s most advanced men’s electric razor system to date. This shaver includes 5 precision-honed, ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic Nanotech blades, a high-efficiency 14,000 cpm linear-drive motor, Arc5 Multi-Flex quick-pivoting shaving head and active shaving sensor to detect different beard densities. The Panasonic Arc5 is probably one of the best shavers on the market for anyone who has thick and heavy facial hair.

Pros                                                                       Cons

Great For Thick And Heavy Facial Hair                     Ø Shaver Head Is Large

Pivoting-Head, 5 Ultra-Sharp – Ultra Thin Nanotech Blades

Can Be Used Wet Or Dry

Flexible Micro-Foil Patterns That Ensure A Smooth Even Result

The Panasonic Arc5 fits naturally in your hand and an illuminated LCD shows different functions on this rechargeable shaver. The Panasonic Arc5 can be used over the sink or in the shower with shaving foam or gel, and the precision pop-up shaving trimmer built into the Arc5 body will add to the perfect finish and details to sideburns, mustaches, and beards.

When your away from home the universal voltage Panasonic Arc5 comes with a safety lock and travel pouch, AC adapter included.

For Best results and performance, replace cordless razor foil and blades when dulled.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Use This Shaver In The Shower?

Yes, absolutely!

  • Can I Replace The Batteries?

Replacing the batteries is not recommended.

  • Does This Shaver Come Wih Batteries?

This is a rechargeable shaver, just plug it in and an illuminated LCD display will let you know when your razor is fully charged.

Final Thoughts

Foil Shavers tend to provide the closest shaves, and when your referring to foil shavers the Panasonic Arc5 is one of the best on the market when it comes to the closeness of the shave and is definitely worth trying!


15) Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

The Philips Norelco 4500 Shaver is one of the best mid-range priced electric shavers on the market today. This shaver is a great value and comes with some really nice features for the price. This shaver allows you to shave wet or dry and gives a comfortable shave with or without shaving cream or gel.

The dual precision shaving heads make easy work of longer hairs and stubble and the skin protection system limits skin irritation.

Pros                                                                       Cons

Wet Or Dry Operation                                                Ø Can’t Be Used While Plugged In

Dual Precision Shaving System                                 Ø No Cleaning Station

Fully Washable

3 Minute Quick Charge For Cordless Shave

Pop-Up Trimmer

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 Features

♦ Pivot, Flex and Float System keeps the heads in close contact with your skin for a fast and efficient shave.

♦ Patented Super Lift and Cut Dual-blade action lifts hair to cut comfortably below skin level.

♦ The DualPrecision shaving system shaves long hairs and short stubble.

♦ Fully washable design for easy cleaning.

♦ LED Charge, Battery Low, and Battery Full Indicator.

♦ 3-minute quick charge for cordless shaving.

♦ Is fully charged in eight hours for up to 50 minutes of shaving time.

♦ Comes with a pop-up trimmer for sideburns, mustache, and more.

Pivoting Heads

The Pivot, Flex, and Float heads follow the contours of your face and stay in close contact with your skin making each shave gentle on your skin with less irritation.

DualPrecision Shaving System

The DualPrecision Shaving System effectively shaves longer hairs and stubble. The low-friction heads are rounded offering added protection for your skin. The patented Super Lift and Cut dual-blade action lifts hairs giving you an even closer shave.

Pop-Up Trimmer

The Integrated Pop-Up Trimmer allows you to fine-tune your facial hair grooming routine. This trimmer is great for sideburns, goatees, mustaches, etc.

What’s In The Box?

♦ Shaver 4500

♦ Protective Cap

♦ Power Cord

♦ Cleaning Brush

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is This Razor Corded?

No, this razor is cordless and can’t be used while plugged in.

  • Does This Razor Have A Trimmer?

Yes, it comes with a pop-up trimmer.

  • Can This Be Used To Shave Bald Heads?


  • Does This Shaver Let Me Know When It Needs Charging?

Yes, it has an LED Charge, Battery Low, and Battery Full Indicator.

Final Thoughts

The Philips Norelco 4500 Shaver is a quality product at a very reasonable price and meets all shaving requirements. Even though this shaver doesn’t come with a ton of extras it still provides a comfortable, close shave that is irritation free. One nice feature, however, is the fact that this razor can convert automatically from 100v to 240v making it perfect if you’re traveling to other countries.

The Philips Norelco 4500 Shaver is a great mid-range priced shaver that gets the job done and is definitely worth trying!


16) Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit

Naked Armor was created in the wake of the Dollar Shave Club and the cheapening of the shaving experience. Naked Armor is taking back our right to use well-made shaving instruments and getting back to creating a great shaving experience and a great look.

The Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit is a complete kit that will definitely provide a great shaving experience and give you the look you deserve.

Pros                                                                        Cons

Genuine Japanese Steel                                              Ø A Little Expensive

All-Natural Soap

Comes With Leather Strop & Sharpening Wax

Wood (Badger Friendly) Brush

Awesome Wooden Box

What’s In The Box?

♦ Japanese Steel Blade

♦ Leather Travel Sase

♦ Leather Strop

♦ Wood (Badger Friendly) Brush

♦ Shaving Soap

♦ Sharpening Paste

♦ Awesome Wood Box

So What Separates Naked Armor From The Rest?

• Quality Material

• Blade Sharpness

• Japanese Steel

• Fine Woods

• Expert Craftsmanship

Japanese Samurai Steel

Naked Armor discovered that Japanese steel was the best steel in the world and decided that all of Naked Armor’s straight razors would be handcrafted with only samurai strong steel. As far back as the seventh century, Japanese warriors wore a form of lamellar armor, this armor eventually evolved into the armor worn by the samurai.

Finest Woods

Naked Armor found a wood called algum, never heard of it, but neither did the folks at Naked Armor. According to the history books, algum was used together with cedar and pine in the construction of Solomon’s Temple. Naked Armor even went to Brazil and found Amazonian sandalwood, the second most expensive wood on the planet.

Brush, Strop, And Natural Soap

Naked Armor uses the finest leather for the strop and added high-quality brass hardware. The brush handle is made from solid wood and feels great in your hand while you dip the brush into your soap dish. The all-natural shave soap adds a bit of luxury to the daily chore of shaving and helps reduce skin stress. This soap is scented with essential oil and has an ultra-moisturizing effect and easily produces a rich and smooth lather.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are These Razors Shave Ready?

Yes, they are very sharp right out of the box, and if it isn’t Naked Armor will send you a new one.

  • Why Doesn’t Naked Armor Use Badger Hair In Their Brushes?

Naked Armor doesn’t support the killing of animals to shave our faces.

  • Is This Razor A Full Hollow?

This blade is between a half hollow and a full hollow. Naked Armor wanted to capture the best aspects of both designs so they designed a blade that was a hybrid between the half hollow and full hollow.

Final Thoughts

Straight razors are a growing trend and they offer the closest shave you can get from home. The Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit might seem a little on the pricey side, but this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap. You will immediately feel the difference of the genuine Japanese Steel blade and this blade will hold its edge for a very long time.

The Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit is a complete, high-quality kit that is perfect for beginners and veterans alike, and if for some reason there is something you don’t like, Naked Armor will offer a full refund, you don’t see too many companies offering that every day.

So, if you’re someone who enjoys wet shaving and appreciates quality, then the Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit might just be what you’re looking for!



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