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Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set


95 out of 100



  • Great For Beard Beginners
  • Reasonably Priced- Incredible Value
  • All Products Are Full-Size
  • Comes In An Attractive Pinewood Box


  • No Comb Or Brush


Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set

The no-nonsense Beardsley Beard Care Set offers you a full sized kit that combines premium shampoos, lotions and oils, and conditioner.

This kit comes complete with 5 essential full-size signature Beardsley and Company Beard Care Products that come to you in an attractive and functional pinewood box. This truly is the ultimate set for anyone who loves their beard.

What’s In The Kit?

  • Wild Berry Ultra Shampoo for Beards (8 oz)
  • Cantaloupe Ultra Shampoo for Beards (8 oz)
  • Beardsley Ultra Conditioner for Beards (8 oz)
  • Beardsley Oil for Beards (4 oz)
  • Beardsley Lotion for Beards (4 oz)

Beardsley and Company Shampoos

Beardsley Shampoo For Beards

Beardsley Shampoo For Beards is specially formulated for facial hair. It will leave your beard and moustache clean and fresh. Apply a small amount, massage well, and rinse thoroughly. You can choose from Wild Berry or Cantaloupe flavors.

Beardsley Ultra Conditioner

Beardsley Conditioner for Beards is a special formula for beards. It will leave your facial hair feeling unusually soft and smooth. Apply a small amount after shampooing and rinse.

Beardsley Lotion For Beards

Beardsley Lotion for Beards is a unique product with a cooling, aromatic Bay Rum scent. Apply 2 to 3 sprayer depressions, rub palms together and massage into beard. Brush and style.

Beardsley Oil For Beards

Beardsley Oil for Beards is a lightweight, anytime-use oil which delivers easy-to-comb, manageable results. Apply 3 to 5 sprayer depressions, rub palms together and massage into beard. Brush, comb, and style.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Do I Need A Special Shampoo For Beards?

When washing their beards, most men just let whatever drips down from washing their hair do the job. This is probably because regular shampoo tastes very bitter and applying it directly around the mouth area is unpleasant. But because beards are directly exposed to foods, drinks, and smoking products, they deserve to be treated better. Beardsley’s mild-flavored botanical formula makes it a pleasure for a man to wash his beard as often and as thoroughly as he likes.

  • What About Men With Moustaches?

Beardsley shampoos are an excellent product for moustaches too, and it will likely last you twice as long.

  • Can I Use Beard Shampoo On My Hair?

Yes. What’s good for your beard is also good for your hair. So it’s a good idea to use beard shampoo on your hair, but not a good idea to use hair shampoo on your beard.

  • Does Beardsley Beard Shampoo prevent Itching?

Absolutely. Wash and rinse thoroughly at the onset of itching and you will notice an immediate improvement. Continue daily use until the itching stops. It may come back eventually, but Beardsley Shampoos will keep it under control.

Final Thoughts

All of the products in this kit are top of the line and the kit is definitely reasonably priced. A few things could have been added to this kit such as a beard comb or brush or some beard balm that would have made this already amazing kit even better.

I don’t think you will find a beard care kit anywhere that comes this highly rated for such a good price, and one that will leave your beard soft, manageable and smelling amazing.

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