Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer Review – Ultimate Manscaping Tool

Brio Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer


95 out of 100



  • Integrated Blade Height Adjustment
  • Easy To Clean
  • Five Speed Settings
  • Low Friction Ceramic Blade
  • Incredibly Quiet


  • A Little More Expensive Than Others


Brio Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer

Brio is the company behind many high-quality products like the Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer and Brio Founder Eric Steckling has been involved in product research for some time now and works hard to ensure that every product is built to last and are the best possible products that the Brio Product Group can bring to the marketplace.

The Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer is a versatile and well-built manscaping tool that comes with an integrated 1.0 to 1.9 mm blade height adjustment and also includes  1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm guards. This trimmer also comes with 5-speed settings, responsive controls, and an informative display.

The Beardscape’s ceramic blade is 4 times harder than stainless steel, creates less friction and heat and is quieter than metal. When you need to charge your Beardscape Trimmer you can charge it in the base or plug it in while you use it and you get a full charge in about 3-hours.

Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer Features

♦ Extremely Quiet

♦ Low Friction Ceramic Blade That Is 4 Times Harder Than Steel

♦ Extra-Large Li-Ion Battery With Up To 4-Hours Of Runtime Per Charge

♦ Quick Charge – Gets A Full Charge In 3-Hours

♦ Five Speed Settings And Digital Battery Life Display

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Use This Trimmer On My Head?

Yes, this trimmer can be used anywhere on the body.

  • What Is The Largest Guard This Comes With?

The 15-18mm length guard is the longest guard.

  • Does This Have A Travel Lock FeatureTo Prevent The Power From Accidentally Being Turned On?

No, there is no travel lock feature.

  • Is It Okay To Leave This Trimmer On The Charger When Not Being Used?

You can leave the trimmer connected to power at all times but it is recommended letting the battery drain and only charging it when needed, this will prolong the life of the battery.

Final Thoughts

Brio is a company that is trusted by retailers and consumers alike for their amazingly high-quality products and devices that are competitively priced. The Brio Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer comes with several great features such as the low friction ceramic blade which is 4 times stronger than stainless steel which also makes this trimmer incredibly quiet.

This trimmer has a lot to offer for the price and is getting positive reviews everywhere you look. The Brio Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer is a versatile manscaping tool that is definitely worth trying!



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