Beard King Beard Bib Trimmings Catcher Review

Beard King Beard Bib


95 out of 100



  • Catches Beard & Facial Hair Clippings
  • Easy Cleanup & Disposal
  • Quick Easy Setup & Take Down
  • One Size Fits All
  • Self Packing Pouch


  • A Little Pricey Compared To Others


Beard King Beard Bib

Any guy with facial hair, especially those that maintain a godly beard know that cleaning up after a session of grooming is a messy affair for sure. Most men actually enjoy grooming their manly mug but fear the inevitable cleanup afterward. Well, fear no more, fortunately, there is a product that will make cleanup and disposal quick and easy.

The Beard King Beard Bib solves a problem that all men with beards have had for a very long time, making a big mess while shaving and trimming. The Beard King Beard Bib catches your beard and hair trimmings and allows for easy disposal which means no mess and no clogged drains. The bib was designed with a self-packing pouch that can be easily stowed away when traveling.

Beard King Beard Bib Features

♦ Catches Facial Hair Clippings

♦ Beard Trimmings Catcher

♦ Easy Flap Shoot Disposal

♦ Loop Holders For Pausing The Session

♦ One Size Fits All

♦ Self Packing Pouch

♦ Handmade

How To Use Your Beard King Beard Bib

Just attach the neck straps and secure to the mirror. Begin with your normal grooming routine and if you need to stop and step away for a minute you can attach the neck straps to the hooks on the suction cups. Once you’re finished just lower your Beard Bib to the trash can and gently shake.

Check Out The How-To Video

How To Use The Beard Bib | BEARD KING

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There Just One Size Beard Bib Or Are There Others For Big And Tall?

No, the bib is designed to fit all sizes no matter if your big or tall.

  • Can This Be Thrown In The Washing Machine?

No, not really. Hand washing is recommended since there are plastic components built into the bib.

  • Will This Work For Catching Hair Clippings From My Head?

Sure, if you lean forward a little it will catch most clippings from your head.

  • Will This Work For A Medicine Cabinet Sized Mirror?

Yes, definitely. If you place the suction cups close together it actually creates a little tray to catch everything.

Final Thoughts

Beard King is the original manufacturer of the Beard Bib and quickly became a popular product on The Shark Tank television show. The Beard King Beard Bib is a great device for any man who has to regularly trim and maintain his bearded manly mug. The Beard King Beard Bib will help keep facial hair and beard trimmings out of your sink and prevent drains from clogging

The Beard King Beard Bib is a handmade, high-quality product that you can set up and take down quickly and conveniently stores away in a self-packing pouch making it easy to take with you when you travel.

If you’re like most men and struggle to keep your bathroom counters and sinks clean and tidy after grooming your beard or moustache, then the Beard King Beard Bib is a product definitely worth trying.

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