Andis Professional T-Blade Beard And Hair Trimmer Review

Andis Professional T-Blade Beard And Hair Trimmer


90 out of 100



  • Oiled & Tested Before Leaving The Factory
  • Ideal For Dry Shaving
  • Blades Can Be Adjusted
  • Powerful Magnetic Motor
  • High-Quality Carbon Steel Blades


  • Can Run A Little Hot


Andis Professional T-Blade Beard And Hair Trimmer

The Andis Company began way back in 1920-21 and began making clipper blades for a hand operated non-motorized hair clipper. Andis quickly developed the Andis Electric Clipper and the advantage the Andis Clipper had is that it was smaller, faster, and delivered higher performance compared to other clippers at the time.

As time passed American barbers quickly embraced the new Andis Clipper and today, barbers and at home DIYers alike prefer Andis quality over the competition. One of the more popular Andis clippers is the Andis Professional T-Blade Beard And Hair Trimmer. This trimmer is great for outlining, dry shaving and fading and is equipped with a close-cutting carbon steel T-blade for detailing.

The Andis Professional T-Blade Beard And Hair Trimmer has fine cutting teeth that allow for extremely close cutting that works great for fades and design work. This trimmer fits comfortably in your hand and comes with a heavy-duty 8-foot cord and can be used by professionals or for at home use.

Andis Professional T-Blade Beard And Hair Trimmer Features

♦ The Trimmer Comes Already Oiled Straight From The Factory And Is Tested Before It Leaves.

♦ It Comes With An Extremely Close-Cutting Blade For Trimming Necks, Beards, Mustaches, And Edging Around The Ears.

♦ Has A Contoured Housing With A High-Speed Motor

♦ Is Ideal For Dry Shaving

♦ The Blades Can Be Adjusted

♦ Has A Carbon Steel T-Blade For Detailing

♦ Comes With High-Quality Carbon Steel Blades For Long Cutting Life

What’s In The Package?

• Trimmer

• Tube Of Oil

• Two Prong Grounded Cord ( USA Use Only )

How To Change The Blades

When replacing or removing blades always be sure to check the blade alignment, making sure that the teeth of the upper blade rests slightly below the upper edge of teeth on the lower blade. After replacing make sure to oil the blades.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s The Difference Between A Trimmer T-Blade And A Square Blade?

Knowing the difference between these two blades is essential when trimming hair. A T-blade’s curved edges enable easy handling and better access for trimming around the ears, back of neck, beards’ and mustaches and cutting designs into the hair. For everything else and general shaving, a square blade is the perfect tool.

  • Why Is It Recommended That I Oil My Blades?

Blades are made of metal and oiling them will help reduce corrosion. Since the two metal blades rub against each other during operation, oiling them will also reduce friction thereby delivering better cutting performance. Oiling your blades regularly after each use is an important part of ensuring your tool will cut and perform as designed.

  • How Often Should I Oil My Blades?

It is recommended that you oil your blades before and after each use. If your clipper blades leave streaks or slow down, those are signs that they need to be oiled.

Final Thoughts

The Andis Professional T-Blade Beard And Hair Trimmer is a professional quality device used by barbers everywhere and offers great versatility. It can be used for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, edging around ears, and is ideal for dry shaving.

The Andis Professional T-Blade Beard And Hair Trimmer is a quality, mid-price range trimmer that gets the job done and is also great for the at-home DIYer and is definitely worth trying!



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